State of the Art Winter Park Bee Removal: How it Works

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State of the Art Winter Park Bee Removal: How it Works

Do you have bees? If the answer is “Yes” then “What can you do about it” is the next question that needs to be asked then answered. There are two solutions, kill the bees (you don’t want to do that, right?) or hire a Winter Park bee removal expert who works at removing bees with state-of-the-art tech without harming the bees or your home.   

State of the Art Winter Park Bee Removal

Here’s how state of the art winter park bee removal works.

First things first, no bees are harmed in the making of this blog–nor are any intentionally harmed during the Winter Park bee removal process.

The goal is to make sure that we protect the bees. They are such a vital part of the ecosystem, of the food that we eat. Without bees, flowers would not be pollinated and avocados would not exist for us to put on our morning toast. It would not be a happy world. If you enjoy your cup of tea in the morning thank the bees.

FLIR and Winter Park Bee Removal

For bee removal, at Orlando Bee Removal Expert, we use FLIR, which is an acronym for “forward-looking infrared technology.” Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? It allows you to be able to see through walls and structures and can pinpoint just where a swarm is in your home.

In the old days, we used to have to drill holes in people’s walls to find where the bees have infiltrated. Now, we don’t have to put holes in the walls to find a colony.

Your Winter Park Bee Removal Expert

With our state of the art approach to Winter Park bee removal, we can not only remove the bees from your home but also make sure that the bees that we removed are okay and will not come back.

If you need state of the art Winter Park bee removal, give Orlando Bee Removal Expert a call. We can help you with your Winter Park bee removal.  

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