Orlando Bee Removal

We use the best technology, FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera, to locate bees in your walls or attic to minimize damage to structures.

Bee Hive Removal

The Bee Guy is Saving The Bees one colony at a time. Hard working bees, through pollination, provide about 1/3 of our food.

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The Bee Guy takes the 'sting' out of Bee Removal and removes bees safely from your property. Tech friendly - text me

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State of the Art Bee Removal

The Bee Guy uses a Thermal Imaging Camera to pinpoint bees inside walls and structures for safe bee removal.

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find when concealed by a wall. To minimize damage to your property, the Bee Guy uses infrared camera technology to locate bees hidden by barriers. This technology allows us to safely remove bees from your property. Watch The Bee Guys video to see this technology in action.

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Don’t Worry, Bee Happy!

They say beauty is in the eye of the Bee-Holder. Dennis, The Bee Guy, is here to take the ‘sting’ out of Orlando bee removal.

Orlando Bee Swarm Removal
Swarm Traps

Swarm Traps, also called bait hives, are water tight boxes that are designed to catch swarms of bees during our Bee Removal service.

live Bee Removal
Live Orlando Bee Removal

We use the latest technology, FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera, to locate bees for removal in your walls or attic to minimize damage.

bee Exclusion Services
Professional Exclusion Services

Money spent on Orlando Bee Removal can be wasted if the beekeeper doesn’t perform professional exclusion services.


Number of miles bees can fly to make 1 pound of honey


Colonies Moved by The Bee Guy


Bottles of sweet tasting honey sold by The Bee Guy!


Approximate number of bees in a strong hive

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