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There are many reasons why killing the bees is not the best choice. For example, hiring a pest control company will result in only the living bees being killed. Leaving behind the entire contents of the nest, Including all of the wax, Honey, unborn bees, And not to mention all the dead bees. Doing this could lead to a foul smell and potentially structural damage. Also, leaving behind the contents will attract other bee colonies in the future as well.


I am registered beekeeper with the state of Florida, approved by the state to perform live bee removal and relocations. As a beekeeper, we look at Bee removal Orlando from a completely different perspective than a pest control company does. No-kill Bee Removal. We frequently donate these colonies to local beekeepers. Call to be added to the waiting list.


Once removed we will relocate the bees to a rehabilitation yard, keeping a close eye on them and giving them whatever resources are necessary to survive the process, if the bees survive the first winter, they will go out into a regular bee yard and provide pollination services as well as production of honey. Unfortunately, they don’t always survive.


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Free Bee Removal Orlando


Occasionally, I receive phone calls asking if I want some free bees! I wish it was that easy. Because the bees are dying at such unbelievable rates, People believe that the honeybees must be of some value. Feral(wild) honey bee colonies that have taken up residence in unwanted locations are of no financial value because of the tools and time required to remove and relocate them as well as the equipment to house them in.


You Get What You Pay For With Bee Removal Orlando


As a professional company, we do our best to answer the phone in person or we will return your call within a few minutes, offering emergency-same day and next day services in an effort to meet your scheduling needs. Punctuality and courteous service are very important to our reputation. We utilize the latest and greatest tools and technology to locate the honeybee nest while doing the least amount of damage to your property. For example, we use a FLIR thermal imaging camera to look inside the walls, usually locating the bees within minutes! The Bee Guy is Fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Should an unexpected incident occur, you are safe in knowing that we are fully insured for your protection and ours.

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Tell those Bees to Buzz Off! Call 407-330-8542

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Should I do Pest Control or Bee Removal Orlando?


Most ethical pest control companies will not kill bees, they will refer you to us! Besides the fact that it is unethical to kill honeybees, pest control is not the right answer. One reason is that pest control only looks at things from a kill-all perspective. We are beekeepers, seeing things from a completely different view. The Bee Guy’s approach will be completely different. Much more thorough!


Pest control will only kill the bees, leaving behind the contents of the nest or colony. Lots of times we get called out after pest control failed because they only killed the living bees, leaving behind the unhatched bees (Brood). In the peak of summer the queen can lay up to 3,000 eggs per day.


The right approach is a physical removal process. Leaving dead bees and honey can result in all kinds of problems including structural damage. We remove everything including the bees.


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Honey Bee collecting nectar from flower near Orlando, Florida

Bee Removal Orlando or Pest Control? You be the judge…




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Gives honey

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Professional Bee Removal Orlando – by The Bee Guy!

Orlando Bee Swarm Removal
Swarm Traps

Swarm Traps, also called bait hives, are water tight boxes that are designed to catch swarms of bees during our Bee Removal service.

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Live Bee Removal Orlando

We use the latest technology, FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera, to locate bees in your walls or attic to minimize damage.

bee Exclusion Services
Professional Exclusion Services

Money spent on Bee Removal can be wasted if the beekeeper doesn’t perform professional exclusion services.


Number of miles bees can fly to make 1 pound of honey


Colonies Moved by The Bee Guy


Bottles of sweet tasting honey sold by The Bee Guy!


Approximate number of bees in a strong hive

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