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Dennis The Bee Guy

His mission: Save the Bees!

Dennis has a long history with nature. Growing up in the bayous of Louisiana, he spent his youth fishing, hunting, camping, and basically falling in love with all things outdoors.


One fateful night in the midst of the woods, a young Dennis captured a bee and gently cupped it in his hands, ever so careful not to damage it in any way. He sat there, alone. Just the symphony of nature’s tapestry and this lone, tiny bee buzzing around in his small, clasped hands. From that moment, huddled in the dead of night, intensely studying this wondrous tiny creature, Dennis knew somehow his destiny was with the bees.


It was a life-changing moment that didn’t reveal itself for some 20 odd years when his Aunt discovered bees living in her shed. Knowing that Dennis had always been the ‘Nature’ guy in the family, it only made sense to ask if he could help get rid of them. One catch – Dennis’ Aunt told him the story of his grandfather – a well-respected beekeeper – who had explained to her the benefits bees provide to the ecosystem. She knew in her heart that Dennis understood, and they both agreed that the bees were not to be harmed in the bee removal process.


A tall order for an amateur with no previous beekeeping experience for certain. But, being the tenacious, studious, passionate individual that Dennis is, he was determined to figure this out. After a year of trying to prevent them from entering the shed with little to no success, Dennis decided to seek help and advice from the local beekeeper guru. Dennis told his Aunt’s heartfelt story of his Grandfather to the beekeeper, along with the tale from his childhood that had somehow given him an almost spiritual connection to the bees. After hearing this, the beekeeper took Dennis under his wing. They meticulously removed the colony and relocated them to Dennis’ back yard. Over the year long process, Dennis had an awakening. His mission in life was to dedicate himself to the education and preservation of one of natures’ most wondrous and invaluable creatures – the Honey Bee!


And as they say… The rest is history.
When you need a ‘guy’ – why not get ‘The Guy’ –

When you need a ‘Bee Guy’ – why not get ‘The Bee Guy’.


Meet Dennis The Bee Guy

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Orlando Bee Swarm Removal
Swarm Traps

Swarm Traps, also called bait hives, are water tight boxes that are designed to catch swarms of bees during our Bee Removal service.

live Bee Removal
Live Orlando Bee Removal

We use the latest technology, FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera, to locate bees in your walls or attic to minimize damage.

bee Exclusion Services
Professional Exclusion Services

Money spent on Orlando Bee Removal can be wasted if the beekeeper doesn’t perform professional exclusion services.


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