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Welcome to our Company News Page!!!


Here you will SOON find our Facebook feed, our Blog, and General News! We try to update our Facebook page daily. We are always so busy sometimes we don’t get to post everyday, but just know Every – Single – Day we are SUPER busy saving bees!!


We will also Blog about the different bee related activities we are doing. We have so many Bee Lovers who love to hear what we are doing with the bees each day, so we do try super hard to get it updated each day.

Facebook is our main form at the moment. We were able to add the Facebook feed to the website, making it easier for you to keep up with all the fun bee things we are doing!


Please go to our Facebook page and like AND share to help do YOUR part in Saving The Bees!


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Here at Orlando Bee Removal Expert, we are all about keeping the bees alive when we remove them from your home. That's why we specialize in live bee removal. Orlando Bee Removal What's live bee removal, you ask? It's a process in which we are able to...

Here at Orlando Bee Removal Experts, we prepare swarm traps for Orlando bee removal for areas with frequent bee problems. We are your Orlando Bee Swarm Removal experts. Here's what you need to know about Orlando bee swarm removal. What Are Swarm Traps for Orlando Bee Swarm Removal? Swarm traps, which can...

Bee Removal Orlando - Dentist Office:  We can remove bees from anywhere. If you're a dentist and have bees, we can help. Check out this video about bee removal Orlando. In this bee removal video for a dentist office, you will see just how we work and can help...

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